Man can that girl talk.

Wendy grew up all over the US as a military brat which means- she learned to make friends fast because in two weeks, we're probably moving.

This helped her develop her warm friendly style she uses to entertain audiences all over the country for the last seven years as a comedian.

She signed with Stand Up Records and her first album "She's Not from Around Here" will debut this year.

She is also the producer of "Day Drinking with Mom" a show that offers comedy, sympathy and some drinks to help Moms relax and enjoy the roller coaster of parenting.

Book Wendy

Wendy has 45 minutes of clean corporate material, and way more than enough good stuff to headline clubs.

In fact she's headlined at House of Comedy & The Joke Joint (Houston & Minneapolis)

I don't have a team

I'm just a stand up Comic. Really. It's like me & the kid & a rescued cat.

Well and sometimes I can convince another comic to be my "manager" because I'm not famous... yet.

Pretend Agent

She looks respectable.

She knows where everything is, but she's not telling me.

My IT Guy

We was an intern but we kept him.

If he weren't addicted to Mario Kart, people would date him.

My Accountant

He's always laughing at my books.

We met at a gas station. He's the best.

You should come see a show.

Life's short. Have some laughs.